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A handful of late updates


Created the BJORN the BarBearian comic page which currently has the pencils of the first story.

Created the Yeti & Brawler comic page (named Yeti & Strongman at the time of this writing).

I have plans to rework the gallery page. I’m thinking I’ll organize them into annual art challenges (Inktober and March of Robots) and Post-It Notes (Mugshots and ABC Puppets). I’ll probably rework the Mugshot galleries as well.

Posting the Inktober 2018 gallery is on the to do list.


More Mugshots Uploaded


A new gallery of Mugshot drawings have been uploaded to


Comic Project and Inking


About a week ago I was on vacation and I spent it writing, plotting, and penciling a new comic project. Last week I started inking those pages. I'm finding that panels drawn with made with Wood's 22 Panels that Always Work in mind still look good after inking. The rest feel barren without the texture of the pencils.

I have never been a strong inker. It wasn't until Inktober 2017 that I finally got a feel for it. Back in college I had a fine arts professor tell me that my strength is in my pencils. I don't disagree. I feel my best and most fluent work was back in high school when I was able to render competently in pencil. So while I have spent, approximately, the last ten years trying to convincingly create art in the style of the old magazine format comics (EC Horror and Savage Sword of Conan) I haven't actually created any work.

I think my next step is going to do a few test where I desaturate my blue and red pencils and selectively ink over it. The idea being that I ink the elements I want to focus the reader's attention to and allow the rough details of the pencils to provide texture a sense of space. Hopefully this will either be what I'm looking for or give me a better idea on how to play to my strengths. I'm at the point were the most growth I have to gain is through experience of creating actual comics. I've waiting far to long to get started.


BootlegComix Rebuild


I finally finished rebuilding It still needs some tweaks here and there but overall it is done. The update also brings with it March of Robots 2018, Rainbow Face, Goblin Week 2018, Mugshots Series Two, and Sketch Book galleries. The first Mugshot gallery even got an update.

Anxious Potato has a few more strips as well.


New Social Account + Pending Art


I updated site with new social media icons and added button to my page. I have one game posted there (free) so far with another one on the way.

I've been hard at work upgrading to use Bootstrap 4. Once that is done I'll post my March of Robots 2018 and Goblin Week 2018 drawings.

I got a pending update to the Mug Shots gallery that is also waiting for the Bootstrap upgrade. I'm considering going back to that series as a warm up for this year's Inktober. I also have a bunch of other Post-It Note art from my Instagram account that I finally got around to scanning.


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