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So Many New Things


I have a laundry list of updates that I should have been making over the last few months.

First is that the blog moved from to is now a webcomic where I’m working out my frustrations with the world on colorful Post-It Notes. The art style should be familiar.

I completed two art projects. The first is March of Robots 2018 which I haven’t archived on BootlegComix.comyet but is viewable in my Instagram feed. The second is a series of puppet character designs on Post-It Notes.

Tarot Deck Added to Gallery


I have add my Tarot Deck to the gallery page.

Inktober 2017 Added to Gallery


My Inktober 2017 artist trading cards have been posted to the gallery page.

First Update


The site appears to be up and running. The contact link in the footer goes to the contact form on my blog site (Nope got repurposed into a webcomic 7-5-18). Both the comics page and the gallery page have been updated with the first round of content.

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