No Good Crew

So my side project is to redraw my original Halloween comic and these three get to be the antagonists. Carl the Clown, Vernon the Vampire, and Molly the Sugar Sprite.

Magician by Day Pencils 5-8

Update from 7-18-2022: The ghost character got update to a Kraken in the final version. Well more like a giant octopus.

Magician by Day Pencils 1-4

I'm working on a story that directly follows up my original Halloween Special. I wouldn't call it a sequel but it address the fallout of that first story. Plum the Witch has to stop a bunch of Halloween mischief makers that escaped the event of the first story but can't let that magic exist. So Plum dresses up as a magician to make it look like a magic show. And then the comic becomes an excuse to draw Plum like Tuxedo Mask in a bunch of Batman poses. The third page is a reference to the intro of the Batman Animated Series.


Added covers to some previous comics.