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Art Book Recommendations

Perspective! Series

The first book in this series does a fantastic job of explaining various perspective cheats that an art teacher would probably scold a student for. The second book explains more complex and crazy perspective that isn’t common in traditional art. There is a third book in the series that runs through a number of common perspective scenarios.

Framed Ink Series

This series isn’t explicitly for comics but all visual storytelling including storyboarding. The two perspective volumes explain various scenarios and how to express volume in the context of storytelling. There is a fourth book in the series about figure drawing.

Will Eisner Series

This series is dated but they were used to teach college classes on creating comics. If you are self teaching then this series is great for fundamentals, clear storytelling, and what comic storytelling is built on.

Scott McCloud Series

If comics had the equivalent of a introduction to creative writing class then Understanding Comics would be the textbook for it. It is a must read. Reinventing Comics is painfully out of date but worth reading if you are pursuing additional comic studies. Making Comics is a crash course on making comics.

Music & Video Recommendations


Atlas by FM-84
My favorite Retrowave/Synthwave album. I can listen to it from start to end over and over.

Together Through Time by TWRP
This is my happy album when I need a mood pickup.

Endless Fantasy by Anamanaguchi
A fantastic chiptune album with a ton of tracks that end up in my music rotation.

YouTube Music Playlists

My Drawing Playlist
Andry Rasoahaingo's Ambient/Bossa/Jazz Playlist

YouTube Video Series

My criteria for YouTube video series is that I have to learn something. Typically it is the history of an industry, movie, video game, or the like. Reviews don’t cut it unless they are done from an academic perspective and I learn why the board game or movie does or doesn’t work.

Extra Sci Fi
This series deep dives into the origins of Science Fiction and how we got where we are today. It is a fully illustrated series which really helps when it focuses on novels that don’t have any visuals to work with like movies or comics. The channel’s primary focus is video games and history which are also worth checking out.

Nick Knacks
A retrospective of Nickelodeon done one show at a time. Lot of fantastic history bits and the level of research is above and beyond what I would expect for a YouTube show.

LGR Oddware
History and demonstration of weird computer tech from the 80s and 90s. The creator also does a regular retro hardware show and has an oddly satisfying food show as well.

A series that comes out every halloween about weird and obscure horror movies from around the world. I like this series because it actually goes into the history of the films instead of just poking fun at weird movies. The creator has another show called The Big Picture that does the same for various other topics like comic books, TV, and movies.

Shut Up & Sit Down
This is a board game review show but what I like about it is that it goes into what makes the game work or not work. Most other board game review shows essentially just help you figure out if you want to buy a game or how to play it but this show helps you understand what board games actually are.

Retronauts Video Works
This channel is chronologically documenting every game released for the Nintendo Game Boy. It is also doing it for the NES, SNES, N64, and Sega Genesis to help keep things interesting.

Techmoan's Retro Tech
A British guy repairs old tech, attempts to demonstrate it working if he can fix it, and gives you the history of it. There is a lot of delightfully weird tech but this guy also manages to make the most boring tech interesting.