Bootleg Comix

The pastel adventures of timid witches, confused aliens, and curious surfers contending with menacing monsters, first dates, and paying bills.

Halloween Special

22 Pages + Cover

The Lantern King doesn't like the world changing beyond his control and wants to punish everyone for it by ruining Halloween. Plum the Witch seeks help from others to save the holiday.

Home & Away

7 Pages + Cover

Montage epilogue to the Halloween adventure. CJ moves in with Plum, a drive to Pineapple beach for a chance encounter, and Plum graduates to a scholar witch.


3 Pages + Cover

A day at the beach with Strawberry the Rabbit. Prologue to Lost & Found

Lost & Found

10 Pages + Cover

Strawberry finds a lost broom at the beach and wants to return it.

Beach Day

3 Pages + 2 Pinups

Plum, Strawberry, and C.J. enjoy a day at Pineapple Bay.

Magician By Day

14 Pages

Plum dons a mask to defend Pineapple Bay from mischief monsters.

Balloon Day

3 Pages

The new residents of Pineapple Bay settle in.

Hello UFO

10 Pages

Pineapple Bay gets a visit from someone way out there.

Tea Time

4 Pages

Plum takes a walk at night with a kettle of tea.

Timeless Hijinks

1 Pages

CJ just struggling with life.

A Day in Pineapple Bay

5 Pages

A day trip to Pineapple Bay.

Sammy's Book

11 Pages

A family heirloom comes to life.