The Basics

Name: DM Larson (Just Larson in conversation)
Handle/Artist Name: Bootleg Potato
Pronouns: They/Them/Any (whatever you are comfortable using)
Age: Born in the 80s

Primary Specialty: Web/Front-end Developer
Secondary Specialty: Cartoonist/Illustrator
Interests: Comics (creating and collecting), computers, puzzels, general trivia

I'm DM Larson, a illustrator, cartoonist, and comic maker. I draw low stress comfort comics and weirdo pulp comics.

What the hell are comfort comics?

It just means the comics are written to be easy on your nerves like a familiar sitcom or cartoon. While the best media can challenge you and expand your world view, consuming that exclusively can become a chore that many of us need a break from. Comfort comics (or any comfort media) let us escape for a bit to recharge and mend our frayed edges.

Is my content all ages?

Short Answer: No

Long Answer: My intended audience is people in their 30s and 40s looking for a low stress break. I don't make content for kids and I won't limit my content to what is appropriate for kids. It might be possible for younger people to enjoy my content but I make no guarantees that it is appropriate for them or that it won't bore them to death.

If I ever make anything NSFW it will be tags, flagged, and noted a such.


Please send all business related inquiries to [email protected]

I can't guarantee any messages sent to any of my social media accounts will be seen. It is called social media for a reason and I'm painfully antisocial. So please use email.