The Basics

Name: DM Larson (Just Larson in conversation)
Pseudonym/Internet Handle: Bootleg Potato
Pronouns: They/Them/Any (whatever you are comfortable using)
Age: Born in the 80s

Primary Specialty: Web/Front-end Developer
Secondary Specialty: Cartoonist/Illustrator
Interests: Comics (creating and collecting), computers, puzzels, general trivia

About the Artist

I'm Larson, a web developer by day and cartoonist by night. My worked history includes being a production manager a print magazines (a lot of compiling everyone's work final print document and general wrangling of InDesign), web marketing manager (graphic design, illustrations, SEO and social media managment), as a kids/picture book illustrator, and have done a lot of programming. Like I pay bills with programming. It's weird. I market myself as a programmer with a design and art background.

Is my content all ages?

Short Answer: No

Long Answer: I content is very niche. It is a “make the content you want to see” situation. Typically my primary audience is people in their 30s and 40s who want something vaguely nostalgic. I'm not actively making content for kids. A lot of my funny animal comics doesn't have anything in it that would be considered inappropriate for kids but everything else certainly does.